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Business Consultancy Services

  • Working Capital Management

  • Valuation

  • Financial Due Diligence

  • Liquidation

By discovering the hidden potential and opportunities, our clients can achieve efficient enhanced performance and projected goals. Our advisory services assist and design strategic risk management of the business through dedicated attention on their unique needs.

How we can help:

Working Capital Management Services

Working Capital is the cheapest source of funds which are available to most businesses. By managing the drivers of working capital properly, a company will be able to enhance its liquidity and operating efficiencies.

With deep experience in process, finance and operations, our professionals advise and assist clients to help them optimise cashflow and drive rapid and sustainable release of cash from working capital. This can then be used to either reduce the company’s overall financing costs or reinvest for growth.


Our working capital services include:

 Diagnostic review

  • High level understanding of current working capital processes

  • Year-on-year analysis of key working capital indicators

  • Initial identification of opportunities for working capital optimization

 Benchmark analysis

  • provide industry and peer comparison for working capital ratios

  • indicate the key levers to uncover trapped cash in our clients’ working capital cycles


 Assessment and analysis

  • Detailed review of current practices and related policies and procedures through interviews and site visits

  • Extensive data analysis to quantify potential opportunities and identify work streams required to realise benefits


 Programme design

  • Redesign processes, policies and procedures, and tools to optimise cashflow

  • Design appropriate KPIs, incentives and metrics to track performance and benefits/improvement

  • Develop and agree on potential actions and activities to realize value

  • Prioritise activities based on ease of implementation and their impact


 Implementation

  • Review implementation requirements and barriers

  • Roll out implementation plan agreed by management through hands on support, coordination, knowledge transfer and training

 Monitoring

  • Establish monitoring framework to track delivery of programme benefits

  • Provide support in monitoring the improvement progress and the ongoing evaluations of trade-offs between cash, cost and services


Key working capital drivers within the primary processes:

 Procure to pay process

  • Contracts / terms

  • Order channels

  • Payment trigger and clock application

  • Payment method frequency

  • Discrepancy resolution

 Forecast to fulfill process

  • Life cycle planning

  • Forecast error & bias

  • Replenishment method

  • Supplier relationships

  • Customer service level

 Order to cash process

  • Contracts / terms

  • Order accuracy

  • Invoice accuracy & speed

  • Collection strategies

  • Dispute resolution

  • Cash application


Our valuation team helps our client to understand the value of their business for the purpose of transaction, regulatory compliance or litigation. We value businesses, intangible assets, financial instruments and employee stock option; performing purchase price allocation, cost of capital and impairment assessments. We also provide service to our clients relating to shareholder and matrimonial disputes.

We provide valuation services through our associate partners to meet the client’s objective.

Financial Due Diligence

Companies buy and sell investments to meet their business objectives.

Buyers want to be sure that the financial statements and information provided by the Seller reflect the real financial results and conditions of the target company. Financial Due Diligence highlights the existing and potential financial risk area of the target company and allows the Buyer to make informed decision on the acquisition.

Sellers want to receive a fair value for the businesses that they are selling. They need to provide the Buyer on the certainty of their businesses and information as transparently as possible so as to expedite the sales process and achieve their targeted selling price.

We provide financial due diligence services through our associate partners to meet the buyers’ or sellers’ objectives in the Transaction.


Whether it is a situation of company intending to wind down its business in an orderly manner or that of a creditor seeking to protect its interests, we are able to act as liquidators through our associate partners either as court winding up, creditors’ voluntary winding up and members’ voluntary winding up.

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